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IC08 The Global Evolution of Custom Molding Seating: New Options and Methodologies

Program ID Number: CRS000701
CEU Course ID: P283.15
Webinar Length of Time: 1.0 hour

Link to view the lecture presentation:


Recent advancements in custom molded wheelchair seating technology have provided an array of options for people who have complex seating and positioning needs. This presentation will compare and contrast the evolutionary changes and current characteristics of generally accepted custom molded seating systems and methodologies. Systems discussed will include, but not limited to, plaster molds, foam in place seating (FIPS), digital technology with manufactured custom seating, and adjustable mini-segment component seating.

Learning Objectives:



Cindi Petito, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS
CHAS Group HC Corp
Middleburg, FL
United States

Cindi Petito has practiced as a licensed occupational therapist since 1995 and specialized in the area of custom seating and wheeled mobility since 1999. She became Assistive Technology Professional certified in 2001 after developing a wheelchair clinic in a skilled nursing facility and a community based private practice. Her private practice specializes in the areas of wheeled mobility, complex seating, and environmental accessibility.

Note: Faculty for this activity have been required to disclose all relationships with any proprietary entity producing health care goods or services, with the exemption of nonprofit or government organizations and non-healthcare related companies.

* No conflicts have been disclosed.



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Updated | 06.25.2015