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IC06 The ABC and XYZ of Cushions and Backs

Program ID Number: CRS000700
CEU Course ID: P282.15
Webinar Length of Time: 1.0 hour

Link to view the lecture presentation:

When someone develops an ulcer the cushion is not only blamed as the cause but is often the solution to the problem. Although the cushion is important it is not the only thing that should be checked. A full assessment should be performed. For this workshop though we will look specifically on how to measure the client, and look at the pros and cons of a variety of materials and shapes of cushions and backs.

Learning Objectives:



Jane E. Fontein, OT Manufacturer M
Vancouver, BC

Jane Fontein, has been an Occupational Therapist for more than 30 years most of which have been in the seating and mobility field. Jane is currently self employed and is working as an Independent Manufacturer Educator. She has 2 contracts one with Dynamic Health Care Solutions and the other with Motion Composites, both are Canadian Manufacturers.

Note: Faculty for this activity have been required to disclose all relationships with any proprietary entity producing health care goods or services, with the exemption of nonprofit or government organizations and non-healthcare related companies.

* Disclosed that she is a Consultant for Dynamic Health Care Solutions and Motion Composites.



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Updated | 06.25.2015