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System Requirements and Testing your Computer for RST CE data base and Media Site Live

The MSL Viewer allows you to view a live, on-demand, or stand alone presentations — including synchronized support materials — using your Web browser. Watching a presentation using the MSL Viewer is virtually the same as being in the room with the presenter. Keeping pace with the presentation is easy because support material is updated instantly, in real time.

Test your computer

Select this link to run a test presentation on your computer.

MSL Live® (MSL) Viewer Help

MSL Viewer Requirements

Sonic Foundry recommends the following system requirements for the best presentation viewing experience with MSL Viewer:

If you have issues were related to Microsoft Internet Explorer accessing Media Site Live. We would recommend that if your experiencing issues related to accessing the video's or any part of the Media Site Live you try installing Fire Fox ( internet browser.

Help Topics

Pop Up blockers

Link to information about Pop Up Blockers:

Internet Explorer® (IE)

How to reset IE to allow access to the RST CE data base (PDF document 1.5mb)

General Browser Questions


Additional information on Cache, Cookies, History


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Updated | 10.25.2016