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Thank you for this amazing opportunity to spend eight months learning about the multiple facets of assistive technology. The Deep Dive in Pittsburgh was AMAZING! I also enjoyed ISS in Nashville this year and I'm looking forward the ISS 2019 in Pittsburgh!

-Brian H.
Bay Pines, FL


I enjoyed the hands on component to this course. I work in an SCI unit as a Physical Therapist, so I am not exposed to tools that are used for Augmentative/Alternative communication, such as the eye gaze and speech synthesizers.  At the deep dive I was able to use these communication devices. I also was intrigued with the smart pen. I was able to sit down with a vendor and he went over the different switch and proportional control joysticks (I had a one on one tutorial). I enjoyed the interaction I had with the driver trainer and learning about the E-Z lock system (this is something that many of my patient's have) and now I understand how they lock their wheelchairs into the device.  My favorite part of this course was completing the case study and listening to the other group presentations, it really helped me conceptualize how assistive technology is important in enhancing people's lives.

-Paulette S.
Brooklyn, NY


This was my first time attending.  I was very impressed with the organization of this huge event.  There were still more courses that I wanted to attend...I could have spent two more days in classes!  I loved the exhibit hall.  I enjoyed interacting with other therapists and clinicians across the world.  Thank you for all that has to go into this huge event.

-Miranda F.
Maumelle, AR


ISS is the gold standard. I recommend it to everyone.

-Luke M.
St. Louis, MO


This conference is always one of my favorites as it brings such a wealth of knowledge to an industry that is often over looked with standard continuing education companies.  I have always enjoyed expanding my knowledge base when attending.

-Ashley D.
Marshfield, WI


The ISS staff were INCREDIBLE in their support, knowledge, problem solving. They made themselves available and seemed to put their whole heart into making every effort to get things right. Such personal service for such an enormous conference! Thanks.

-Janice H.
Scottsdale, AZ


ISS is always an excellent conference!  I look forward to it each year and know that the program will not disappoint.  I'm amazed at how large a contingent of attendees there is each year.  It's a credit to the planners.  Thanks for all the hard work!

-Brenda S.
Chicago, IL


There is no better value in the CEU world for me than ISS.  I believe this was my 6th ISS over the last 26 years.  Your team always exceeds my anticipations.  Thank you!

-Leslie C.
Nashville, TN


For the most part, the education sessions are very good and so I consider the ISS as "one stop shopping" to get the specialized education that benefits me as a seating & mobility specialist working in a wheelchair clinic exclusively.   There just isn't a better program out there to gain the knowledge necessary to keep up in this field.  The Pittsburgh organizers do an excellent job of bringing in necessary and relevant presenters and manufacturers.

-Tammy C.
Denver, CO


This is my third ISS, always runs like clockwork, amazing.
This one was probably the most rich in new info and new products, and with such a strong record turnout, it is an energizing meeting.
Thank you!

-Christina R.
Cheshire, CT



Excellent course - appreciate eveyone's hard work to put it all together - it will definitely make me a better therapist!

-Steven S
Fort Meade, SD


I felt that this course was very comprehensive.  I enjoyed the technical aspects of manual and powered wheelchairs the best.  The pearls of documentation are always helpful.  I will utilize some of this information to tweak my documentation.  Thanks for helping us to help our patients.

-Jackie B
West Haven, CT

Updated | 06.29.2017